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Benefits of A Dust Collector

  1.  Improved Air Quality: Dust collectors significantly enhance air quality in and around concrete plants, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.
  2.  Reduced Maintenance Costs: By preventing dust from reaching critical equipment, dust collectors can extend the lifespan of machinery and reduce maintenance expenses.
  3.  Regulatory Compliance: Dust collectors help concrete plants comply with environmental regulations, avoiding potential fines and legal issues.
  4.  Enhanced Worker Safety: Cleaner air and reduced exposure to airborne dust benefit the health and safety of plant personnel.


A concrete plant dust collector is a vital component in the concrete production process, designed to capture and control dust and particulate matter, protect equipment, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. It plays a critical role in maintaining air quality and safety, both within the facility and in the surrounding community.

Dust Collector
Total Filtration Area 330 Ft.²
Air To Cloth Ratio ( ACFM / Ft.² ) 4.8
Pressure Drop 6”
Air Capacity 1600
Outlet Area ( Ft.² ) 0.83
Cleaning Method Pulse Jet
Inlet Dust Concentration at 15 Gm./ Ft.³ 25,000
Outlet Emissions ( Gm./ Min. ) 2.50
Outlet Dust Loading ( Gm./ Ft.³ ) .0015
Air Consumption 8 CFM
Solenoids 120/60 ASCO Power Pulse Valve (Qty:3)
Dust Collector Cartridge
Dimensions 11.09” O.D. x 5.75” I.D. x 30” Tall
Top End Cap G60 Galvanized-Open with 11″ Flange
Bottom End Cap G60 Galvanized-Closed
Gasket 5/8” Height x 10” I.D., Neoprene
Outline Retainer Retainer Bands
Inner Core Galvanized Expanded Metal 72% Open
Filter Area 55 Ft.²
Fiber 100% Spun Bond Polyester
Material Weight 8 oz. / Yd.²
Permeability 24 CFM
Mullen Burst Dry 388 PSI
Temperature Limit 275 Degrees Fahrenheit
Efficiency 99.99%

• Hose and Fittings to Plumb Plant

OPERATION RECOMMENDATIONS: Supply unit with 100 PSI air pressure and 110 volt or 12 volt power. Turn on Unit when filling cycle begins and operate continuously through 20 minutes after filling cycle completes.