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Portable Dry Batch Plants
1 2013 Vince Hagan Twin 12 yd decumulative agg batchers w/ liners, 100 ton 4 comp O.H. agg bins w/ liners (center bins divided w/ flop gate for total of (6) aggs), 36" truck charging conveyor, 12 yd cement batcher, 500 bbl in-truss silo w/ bin level indicators, twin 12" augers, 20 hp air compressor, 3" Badger water meter, (2) 3" water pumps, weighed water system w/ surge tank and water weigh batcher, JP in-truss dust collector with recycle system, 460V/3Ph, 500 bbl aux silo w/ bin level indicators, 10" auger, 36" x 85' radial stacker w/ lined hopper, remote, Command Alkon computer.  This is new equipment, factory tested, delivered, on ground, never erected or used.  Factory support remains intact as new. Options:  generator, ad mixture system, control trailers. $705,000 MT
1 2010 R&S 12 yd, 400 bbl in-truss silo, (2) 12" feed augers, 30 ton 2 comp O.H. bins, 30" conveyor, air compressor, water meter, 240V, 3ph, manual control panel $185,000 IL
1 2007 Con-e-Co Lo-Pro 427 Self-erecting, 12 yd, in-truss silo, portable 500 bbl overhead silo (requires crane for setup), new central dust collector, 3 compartment overhead agg, portable 30" radial stacker, air compressor, Command Alkon computer, batch house, 150k yards total lifetime production $350,000 TX
1 2001 Erie Strayer 10 yd., overhead 120 ton split silo + overhead 60 ton silo with auger, 3 comp. O.H. agg bins, (3) fixed stacking conveyors, PSI Eagle computer, motor control panel, air compressor, photos pending P.O.R. MI
1 1987 Ross Bandit
12 yd. batchers, cement silo 2.5 loads, auxiliary silo 2 loads, 2 comp. agg bins with extensions, 60' radial stacker, air compressor, 3" Badger water meter, Sysdyne computer w/ ticket printing installed in 2016, produces 130 yds/hr realistically, good metal, last used 12-2018, will be taken down within price, (2) tow-a-way loads, (1) flat bed load
$98,500 KS
1 1985 Stephens Decum 185 bbl silo, (2) compartment decumulatve agg, load cells, legal load building with generator, compressor, manual batch board, rewired and painted then never used again in 2013, good metal in plant, (1) tractor load for O.H. silo, (1) tractor load for agg section and conveyor, (1) flat bed load for building $28,000 WV
1 1984 Erie Strayer MC-10
10 yd batchers, 3 compartment agg bins, 45 ton in-truss silo, aeration blower for silo, frame mounted 3" Badger meter and air compressor, electric panel, Command Alkon computer, manual panel, 460 V power
$125,000 MI
1 1984 Besser Appco 10 yd. portable, 90 ton agg, 400 bbl in-truss silo, aux silo, weighed water, air compressor, manual batch board, control van trailer. 100 yds/hr. production rate. Needs radial stacker. $45,000 CO
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